Wave 6

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The questionnaire of Wave 6 remains stable with respect to the major areas of life of our respondents and the research interests of our scientists, namely health status and health behaviour, socio-economic matters like work, retirement, income and wealth, social networks, cognitive functioning, the use of health care and a number of psychological variables. The key innovation of Wave 6, however – a truly cutting-edge endeavour – was the inclusion of the Dried Blood Spots data collection with lay interviewers.

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Wave 6

Main questionnaire &
end of life questionnaire


Drop-off questionnaire

 English X X  
 Austria X X X (de) - X (en)
 Belgium (Dutch) X X  
 Belgium (French) X X  
 Croatia X X  
 Czech Republic X X X (cz) - X (en)
 Denmark X X  
 France X X  
 Germany X X  
 Greece X X X (gr) - X (en)
 Israel (Arabic) X X X (ar) - X (en)
 Israel (Hebrew) X X X (he) - X (en)
 Israel (Russian) X X X (ru) - X (en)
 Italy X X  
 Luxembourg (French) X X  
 Luxembourg (German) X X  
 Luxembourg (Portuguese) X X  
 Poland X X  
 Portugal X X  
 Slovenia X X X (si) - X (en)
 Spain (Spanish) X X  
 Spain (Catalan) X X  
 Sweden X X  
 Switzerland (French) X X X (fr) - X (en)
 Switzerland (German) X X X (de) - X (en)
 Switzerland (Italian) X X X (it) - X (en)