Accelerometer Study

Accelerometer Study

In SHARE Wave 8, data on physical activity were collected by using accelerometers. A subsample of the panel respondents were asked to wear the device (Axivity AX3) for eight consecutive days (day and night) on their upper thigh.

The SHARE accelerometer study was conducted in ten countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

A detailed description of the study is available in the SHARE Wave 8 Methodology Volume.

Raw accelerometer data is processed with GGIR and resulting measures are available in the Wave 8 gv_accelerometer modules. Provided metrics include vector magnitude (ENMO), intensity gradient, and LXMX measures. Additional datasets provide information on acceleration on epoch level (5 seconds) for each participant.

For further details see Release Guide 8.0.0.