SHARE Wave 4 Data - Release Update


We are very happy to announce an updated release of SHARE wave 4 data.

More information on release 1.1.1 of SHARE wave 4 data is available here. You can gain access to the data through our research data center. Further information on the questionnaires can be found here.

Most important SHARE wave 4 Release 1.1.1 includes updated imputations and weights, and please see the release documentation for further changes. 

Furthermore a documentation focussing on the innovations and methodology of SHARE wave 4 is also available:

Malter, Frederic, and Axel Börsch-Supan (2013). SHARE Wave 4: Innovations & Methodology. Munich: MEA, Max-Planck-Institute for Social Law and Social Policy. 

Please note that your login code and password remain valid. However the disclaimer and acknowledgement changed (please find the new version here). Please use the new disclaimer when publishing with SHARE wave 4 release 1.0.0 data and don't forget to provide us with information about all publications with SHARE data to SHARE Project by emailing us.