SHARE Working Paper Series

About the SHARE Working Paper Series

SHARE Working Paper Series

The SHARE Working Paper Series started in 2011 and collects pre-publication versions of papers or book chapters, technical and methodological reports as well as policy papers based on SHARE data. 

The series is designed to provide a timely discussion of results based on SHARE data within the SHARE family, i.e., members of the SHARE Country Teams, Area Coordination Teams and other SHARE bodies. The papers are not peer reviewed; the authors are solely responsible for the scientific content and the graphical layout of their submissions. The respective Country Team Leaders and Area Coordinators are encouraged to look over the submissions by their team members.

The publisher (SHARE ERIC) checks working papers in this series for formal issues such as proper acknowledgements to the funders of SHARE. However, the publisher does not guarantee the scientific quality of the Working Papers. 

Working Papers can be updated – a version number is indicated on the front page. Previous versions are available upon request. Since 2020, the SHARE Working Papers are provided with a DOI for better findability.

Please note that all other working paper publications based on SHARE data, also from working paper series of the SHARE partner institutions, are listed on this website in our Publications Database.

Working Papers and Technical Reports
In July 2019, the series was divided into two categories. The Working Papers feature substantive research with SHARE data, the Technical Reports contain methodological work.

Who can submit a Working Paper?
All members of SHARE Country Teams or other SHARE bodies may submit a Working Paper if SHARE data are used.

How to submit a Working Paper?
Authors are asked to make sure that the SHARE data and basic literature are cited correctly and the SHARE acknowledgement is included (see here for citation requirements). The front page will be added by the publisher. The publisher reserves one’s right to reject the publication if scientific standards are neglected.

Submissions go to info(at)

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