SHARE Germany

Country Team

Dr. Arne Bethmann

Alexander Schumacher


Chair “Economics of Aging” of the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Max-Planck-Institut für
Sozialrecht und Sozialpolitik
Munich Center for the
Economics of Aging (MEA)
Amalienstrasse 33
80799 München

SHARE Germany

The German Country Team is affiliated with the chair “Economics of Aging” of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Prof. Axel Börsch-Supan became Full Professor of the Chair in 2011 and is the founder and Managing Director of SHARE-ERIC. The members of the German country team would like to introduce themselves:

Arne Bethmann: 

"I’m head of the German SHARE country team since March 2019. In addition to coordinating fieldwork and organizing funding of the German study, I represent German interests in the planning of SHARE. A recent research topic with SHARE data I am working on with colleagues from other institutions is how transitions from youth to adulthood (like partnerships and moving out) have changed over generations and across Europe. What I like most about my job is the variety of tasks and the collaboration with the many international colleagues in SHARE. Our study is particularly important to me because it tends to a significant part of society that has not often been in the focus of surveys before.”

Alexander Schumacher: 

“I started working for the German SHARE team in August 2019. I organize the specifics of the German study, which includes a wide range of tasks: from translating the questionnaire to developing materials for our respondents and cleaning the collected data. I am particularly interested in the perspective the SHARE data give on inequality in ageing and I enjoy interacting with the international, multidisciplinary community of SHARE. The study 50+ in Europe is a unique opportunity to tackle our societies’ problems in the wake of demographic change.”