3rd SHARE User Conference in Tallinn


In November 2010, retrospective life history data from the third wave of SHARE, the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe were made available to the scientific community (www.share-project.org/sharelife).

Combined with the first two waves, the data give a detailed picture of the status of each individual in 2004 and 2006, plus a view across the entire life course in 2008, ranging from career steps, economic conditions, family history, health development, and housing back to childhood living conditions. SHARE(LIFE) thus provides a fascinating account of life in Europe over the past century.
The 3rd International SHARE User Conference in Tallinn, Sept 1-3, provided a forum for ‘old’ and ‘new’ users to share their experiences with SHARE(LIFE) and to discuss ongoing research projects with an interdisciplinary and international audience. The event attracted more than 100 participants and 25 excellent papers which were selected from over 50 submissions.

We want to thank all who worked in front and behind the scenes for three great days in the Europe's Cultural Capital 2011!

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