SHARE Workshop, November 3-4, 2016, Munich, Germany


Learn how to get more out of the SHARE data and get your work known to other data users!

This workshop aims at students and researchers interested in getting a deeper insight into the SHARE data as well as the German Pension Insurance Linkage SHARE-RV.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a general overview of SHARE and SHARE-RV and practical advices for analyzing the data. In addition, we welcome presentations of own work and experiences based on SHARE or SHARE-RV data.

The workshop will be split in three parts:

  1. The first part focuses on general aspects of SHARE such as the content and structure of the questionnaire, the organization of the data files, and the available documentation. This includes sections on how to generate your own data, and about the retrospectively collected life histories (SHARELIFE). 
  2. The second part concentrates on SHARE-RV. Its high research potential lies in the investigation of connections between various aspects of respondents´ lives and their working history or their socio-economic status in later life. Its composition is unique in the German data set world, because the process-produced longitudinal DRV data start at age 14. Besides a detailed introduction about its content, which is determined from the German pension law, the structure will be explained. Furthermore, some data handling advices will be given.
  3. Finally, the third part of this workshop is for presentations of selected scientific results based on SHARE or SHARE-RV. Researchers are invited to submit short ongoing research on all topics. Submissions by colleagues at earlier stages of their scientific career are particularly welcome.

More information (PDF)

Registration form (PDF)

Deadline for registration and submissions of abstracts: September 30, 2016. (Note that submission of an abstract is not a prerequisite for participation in the workshop.)

All applicants will be notified about their acceptance by October 7, 2016 latest.