SHARE responds to COVID-19 disease in Europe


Fieldwork of Wave 8 data collection paused in affected countries

In the wake of the current spread of the new Coronavirus COVID-19, protecting our respondents and interviewers is of highest priority for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe. Hence, the ongoing data collection for Wave 8 has been paused in all countries. In coordination with SHARE’s Central Management, our country teams carefully and constantly asses the health situation in their countries to take precautions jointly with the survey agencies. Local authorities’ advices and regulations are being followed at all times in order to protect our respondents and interviewers.

At the same time, the SHARE team and SHARE researchers are working on the follow-up of this interruption and preparing the next data collection. Because, if we ever needed SHARE data, then it is now. The Coronavirus is affecting our health, economy, politics and social life, and is especially disrupting for our target group: the 50+ population. SHARE has been studying the life of this group across Europe for many years, accumulating a wealth of longitudinal data that researchers will be able to combine with the data on the impact of this crisis.

To learn more about the current situation on SHARE’s fieldwork in your country, please refer to the corresponding country team.

For respondents: If you have questions about your interview, please contact your local contact person.