Open call for a research fellowship

Title: The effects of sampling and non-sampling errors on the collection of survey data on the physical and mental health status of the elderly population

Description: The project aims to analyze the relevance and the selection effects that sampling and non-sampling errors (such as coverage errors, non-participation, attrition, partial non-response, and measurement errors) may have on the representativeness and quality of the data collected in multipurpose surveys on the elderly population such as SHARE (Survey of Health, Aging, and Retirement in Europe), with special emphasis on subjective and objective measures of physical and mental health.

Requirements: The analysis will involve the use of advanced statistical/econometric techniques for the comparison between sample and administrative databases of a sectional and longitudinal nature, and the construction of sample weights and multiple imputations that account for the selection bias due to these sources of errors.

Duration: 24 months

More information about the application procedure can be found here: à No. 3037

Application: Please send your application forms directly to Prof. Giuseppe De Luca (, University of Palermo