2nd SHARE User Conference: New insights into European Ageing


More than 60 researchers from all over Europe and the US met at the second SHARE User Conference in Mainz to discuss their results based on SHARE as well as the ELSA and HRS sister surveys.


The presentations from various fields and disciplines provided a wide range of new insights into European ageing…

…social networks and resources do not only affect health positively but also predict mortality….the perceived quality of social relations is higher in the European North than in the South…the use of intestinal screenings differs substantially between countries and predicts incidents as well as deaths…women expect to die earlier than they actually do…people who retire experience severe mental decline independent from their age…the taller, the higher the income – even in older age…

…to indicate just a few of the broad research possibilities SHARE offers.

We want to thank all users and supporters for their engagement and a great conference!

The SHARE team