Identifying Patient Needs with Help of SHARE Data

Beginning of 2022, the Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Centre (KCE), a research centre founded to provide scientific advice on health care related topics to public authorities, has published the report “Identifying Patient needs: methodological approach and application”. The study aims to support European and Belgian policymakers to make healthcare policy more needs-driven, particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals. It is doing so by developing a viable scientifically based methodology for the identification of patient needs. SHARE was one of four data sources used to identify conditions associated with high patient needs. The information provided should allow decision-makers to assess whether a new treatment addresses self-reported patient needs and to what extent it meets these needs. With this study, KCE reacted to requests by the Flemish umbrella association of patient organisations, the Vlaams Patiëntenplatform (VPP), as well as the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) of Belgium.