The National Data Landscape in the Netherlands

During the Dutch EU presidency in 2016, EU-wide agreements about Open Science, in particular about the 100% Open Access ambition to scientific publications, were made. As a result of this chairmanship, the Dutch government set up the Amsterdam Call for Action, which stated that each member state would develop a national plan for Open Science. This processes started in 2017 in the Netherlands and resulted in the National Open Science Program (Nationaal Programma Open Science), in which the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science works together with various political and scientific actors.

In 2020, the National Open Science Program has published the final report “Verkenning en optimalisering nationaal datalandschap” (“Exploration and optimization of the national data landscape”), which focuses on the optimal reuse of research data. The report maps out all actors that are active in the field of research data management. They were particularly looking for good practices and points for improvement to make proposals for optimizing the national data landscape. SHARE, as a certified repository in the Netherlands, is integrated in the national data landscape and highlighted as a particularly good example for an international data provision service.

The project is carried out against the background of the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) with the goal to implement the EOSC at a national level.