SHARE Wave 7 data is now available!


We are very happy to announce SHARE Release 7.0.0!

SHARE Release 7.0.0 includes the first Release of Wave 7 data. Eight new countries joined SHARE in Wave 7: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania and Slovakia.

The data collection in Wave 7 focused on respondents’ life histories (SHARELIFE). Every respondent who has not participated in SHARELIFE in Wave 3 completed a life history interview. Respondents who already participated in SHARELIFE in wave 3 completed a regular SHARE interview. A new feature of the Wave 7 questionnaire is the inclusion of the Big-5 personality traits. In addition, the new SHARE Release 7.0.0 comes with a compatible update of all previous SHARE waves (1-6).

We also provide an updated version of the Job Episodes Panel that comprises SHARELIFE respondents of Wave 3 and Wave 7. An updated version is also available for easySHARE, our dataset for student training and for researchers with little experience in quantitative analyses of complex survey data. 

Here, you can find all information about data access and data documentation.