SHARE User Feedback appreciated

While SHARE's wave 3 is currently in the field, we are already preparing wave 4. SHARE means to improve with each wave - and we hope you can help us to achieve that goal. We would therefore like to ask for your feedback. If you are willing to participate, please simply answer the questions below and return them to

Thank you very much for your support.

The SHARE-Team

The following questions relate to both waves of SHARE.

1. Please provide us with feedback on the technical dimension of SHARE: This includes (but is not restricted to):
- accessing the data
- downloading the data
- the merging of datasets
- definitions of variables
- documentations

2. Please provide us with feedback on the contents of SHARE: This could contain topics like:
- variable content
- generated variables
- the way questions were asked (or not asked)
- the use of previously collected information during the interview

3. As you know, SHARE is meant to be a comparable dataset across countries. We are thus also interested in your feedback on the comparability within SHARE, focusing on deviations in (undocumented) questions or variables across countries or waves. You can of course also comment on the comparability of contents and measures with UK-Data (ELSA) and US-Data (HRS).

4. Finally, imagine you were allowed to ask one specific question in SHARE. What would it be?