SHARE-ERIC fosters exchange with other ERIC


Team members of SHARE-ERIC met with CERIC-ERIC in Trieste/ Italy to exchange about communication and managerial topics.

On August 20/ 21 SHARE-ERIC's Head of European Relations, Andrea Oepen and her PR-colleagues met with representatives of CERIC-ERIC's communication department and its hosting institution "Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste". The meeting's attendees exchanged best practices and possible common actions in the fields of management, communications and monitoring. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2016, the two ERICs have collaborated through regular exchanges in the fields of communication and administration for the last two years.

SHARE-ERIC and CERIC-ERIC are also active members of the ERIC Forum, an initiative set up to connect ERICs from all kinds of scientific fields. ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) as a legal form has been established by the European Union in 2009. The Forum provides a platform for ERICs to identify and address common challenges in the light of this legal framework.


Picture: SHARE-ERIC staff at Elettra Sincrotrone; © Nicoletta Carboni/ CERIC-ERIC

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