SHARE Compliance Profiles – Wave 5


We have just uploaded the SHARE Compliance Profiles for Wave 5.

The SHARE Compliance Profiles consist of a set of quality control indicators based on the SHARE Survey Specifications which are appended to the SHARE Model Contract. All participating countries are evaluated on these indicators uniformly, although the environments for conducting the survey differ among European countries. The combination of ex-ante Survey Specifications and ex-post Compliance Profiles levels the playing field for all participating countries and allows for a fair comparison of national survey quality. An ex-ante harmonized endeavor like SHARE cannot afford to set country-specific standards on what qualifies as good performance.

The document reports how SHARE quality standards were adhered to in wave 5, describes the data input for this evaluation, lists the survey agencies involved from wave 1 to wave 5 and reports the results in form of the various indicators.

A PDF version can be downloaded here.