Out now: Major Data Update - SHARE Release 5-0-0


This new release is a major data update of all waves released by SHARE so far (Waves 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

The update includes the latest state of data cleaning and harmonisation across waves. Release 5.0.0 also contains a harmonised revision of weights and imputations as well as an update of the Job Episodes Panel. Moreover, the new release will come with a number of innovations: improved coverscreens and a longitudinal coverscreen version, new generated variables on deprivation and social security wealth, revised sharetom and more.

Download of the Data: As a registered user you can download the data from >>our website.

Documentation: You will find all documentation files as usual on >>our website. Note that there has been an update of the SHARE Release Guides, too.

Questionnaires: Generic and country-specific questionnaires used during fieldwork can also be downloaded from >>our website.