Methodological Workshop: Managing and Analysing SHARE Data


SHARE – Switzerland - September 5-6, 2016 - University of Lausanne

The aim of this two-day workshop is to provide PhD students and researchers an overview of SHARE data. Firstly, in order to ease the access to SHARE data, this workshop will present the content and structure of the questionnaire as well as the organization of data files and key variables. Syntaxes to merge different types of files with SPSS and Stata will be presented and developed: participants will be able to merge different files (Wave 1 to Wave 5) and to construct a long-­‐file with household information as well as a partner-­‐file. Secondly, this workshop will provide an introduction to the topic of weights and imputations in SHARE. Weights and imputations files available in SHARE data will be explained; participants will also receive practical advice for dealing with this information during model building and fitting. Finally, this workshop will present specific analyses based on SHARELIFE / SHARE data.

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