Fieldwork of SHARE Corona Survey 2 has started


After successful field rehearsal in spring, the main fieldwork for the second SHARE Corona Survey has started

The 28 SHARE countries have started conducting the interviews of the second SHARE Corona Survey, a special study which has been designed as reaction to the COVID-19 crisis last year.

SHARE panel households that participated in the first SHARE Corona Survey are being interviewed via Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) on similar topics asked in the regular SHARE survey (e.g. physical and mental health, health behavior, quality of healthcare, work and financial situation, social networks). The SHARE Corona Survey is targeted specifically on collecting data on the living situation of people who are 50 years and older during the pandemic across Europe. The second SHARE Corona Survey mostly repeats the content of the first SHARE Corona Survey enabling a comparison between the start of the pandemic and the situation one year later.

SHARE was forced to stop its regular Wave 8 fieldwork in spring 2020 to protect its respondents and interviewers. After a short phase of restructuring, SHARE resumed Wave 8 fieldwork via telephone interviews, including the first SHARE Corona questionnaire. The data collected (SHARE Wave 8 COVID-19 data) has been released in December and has already been used in various research publications from all over the world.

Thanks to support by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 and the Coronavirus Global Response initiative for SHARE-ERIC’s COVID-19 research project (SHARE-COVID19), we are now able to follow up with a second SHARE Corona Survey. This will allow to study the non-intended consequences of epidemic control decisions to contain the pandemic and the long-term socio-economic and health impact of COVID-19.


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