Fieldwork of SHARE Corona Survey 2 completed


SHARE completed its fieldwork of the second Corona Survey successfully in all 28 countries.

All 28 SHARE countries have successfully conducted the interviews of the second SHARE Corona Survey, a special study which has been designed as reaction to the COVID-19 crisis last year. The SHARE Corona Survey is targeted specifically on collecting data on the living situation of people who are 50 years and older during the pandemic across Europe and Israel.

The second SHARE Corona Survey now re-interviewed respondents of the first SHARE Corona Survey enabling to study (intra-individual) changes between the start of the pandemic and the situation one year later in a cross-national perspective. The questions covered physical and mental health, Corona-related infections in the personal social circle, quality of healthcare, changes in work and economic situation, social networks and internet use during the pandemic.

The interest of the respondents in the survey was overwhelming: the response rate is approaching 90%. We are very grateful to our respondents.

Please find >> here the questionnaire.

The data of the first Corona Survey (SHARE Wave 8 COVID-19 data) has already been released in December 2020 and has already been used in various >> research publications from all over the world.

Please find more information on SHARE data access here:

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