Procurement SHARE Wave 10

Open Tenders

Procurement for Wave 10 is currently running in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia.

Procurement Documents for BULGARIA

Procurement Documents for CROATIA

Procurement Documents for CYPRUS

Procurement Documents for LITHUANIA

Procurement Documents for ROMANIA

Procurement Documents for SLOVAKIA

Further countries will follow in February and April of 2023.


Procurement Policy

The procedure based on Art. 13 of the SHARE-ERIC statutes and its Annex 4.

SHARE-ERIC treats procurement candidates and tenderers equally and in a non-discriminatory way, independent of whether or not they are based in the European Union.

All procurement follows the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition.


>> Clarifications to all questions posed to SHARE-ERIC concerning the tender for SHARE Wave 10 in procurement Group 1: click here (PDF)