European Parliament

Fostering Coherence in EU Health Research

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted massive efforts and investments in European health research and highlighted both strengths and weaknesses in the organisation of EU research. One of the main weaknesses identified is the fragmentation of strategies and responsibilities. In the paper “Fostering coherence in EU health research”, published in October 2022, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) analyses how to foster coherence in EU health research. In the report, EPRS identifies publicly-funded research and health data that feed into public health and health policy decisions as key aspects of health research that were essential for the Covid-19 response of the EU – and mentions ERICs like SHARE-ERIC, among others, as effective investments in collaborative research. In the report, SHARE-ERIC stands out as a research infrastructure that manages to incorporate all EU Member States – a goal and unique selling point achieved by SHARE in 2017. The report concludes with 7 concrete options for policy makers on how to foster coherence in health research.