Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2020

SHARE Denmark has been included in the official “Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2020” by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Roadmap presents 16 proposals for new national research infrastructures and contains strategic objectives for the Ministry’s work with research infrastructures.[1]

The roadmap is Denmark’s national strategy for the research infrastructure area. It contains strategic objectives and specific milestones that point towards the direction for the upcoming years’ development in the area. It also includes specific proposals for which new national research infrastructures Denmark should invest in over the upcoming years.

Among other things, the roadmap can be viewed as an instrument for the strategic prioritization of financing decisions for the research infrastructure area and as a basis for international collaboration on research infrastructures. By putting SHARE on the map, the Danish Ministry is acknowledging its significance for the Danish research area.


[1] Can be downloaded at