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Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol

The project will administer in-depth measurement of cognition according to the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP) that has been developed for the HRS-style aging surveys supported by NIA. Using these data, the project will estimate prevalence rates of mild and severe cognitive impairment in the SHARE countries; compare these with HRS and other participants in the HCAP studies; and exploit the international variation of the SHARE plus SHARE-HCAP data in order to identify which interactions of biomedical and socioeconomic conditions over the life course affect cognition later in life.

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בדידות לאורך זמן ומתאמיה בקרב מבוגרים בישראל (Loneliness Over Time and Correlates with Adults in Israel)

Shiovitz-Ezra Sharon 2013
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A comparative perspective on intergenerational support: responsiveness to parental needs in individual and familialistic countries

Kalmijn Matthijs 2006
Netspar Discussion Paper, 2006-005 Netspar,
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The project receives funding unter grant number 5R01AG056329.